Four easy ways to save money on flights!

Four of the easiest ways to save on flights

The most expensive purchase on your trip is usually your flight, so don’t let this hold you back from going!

1. Keep your eyes pealed for deals!

For international flights, jump on SkyScanner (click the banner below). This will give you the cheapest available flight and compares all other websites. Subscribe to their fare updates and you will get an email every time the price gets lower for your requested destination and date.

For domestic flights I use WebJet to best compare between budget airlines. This gives you a great visual of all the flights leaving that day and their times and prices. This is especially important when seeking a price match guarantee, as you can see competitor’s pricing.

I would also subscribe to your local low cost airline for their cheap deals. Nearly every week they have 2 for 1 deals or 50% off certain destinations, so keep an eye out! Just recently I’ve flown to Adelaide for $110 return and will fly to Sydney for $120 return with Tiger Airways.


2. Be flexible

If you’re flexible with locations, dates and times you can save a lot. Flying early in the morning or in the evening can save you half the price of flying during the day. This also allows you more time in your destination.

3. Embrace cheap airlines

Don’t be scared of cheap airlines!! Just because it’s not QANTAS or Emirates does not mean the flight will be cancelled or you will die. I’ve saved thousands of dollars this way and they’re only cutting costs on things that aren’t a big deal like complimentary stale biscuits and a 900 movie range.

However take note of which airport they fly into or out of and calculate the cost to get there (and if there is any public transport to do so). It might not be right in the city and there is no point saving $30 on a flight if you have to spend that much on a taxi to get out of there.


4. Don’t check on any baggage

This might be harder for overseas trips, but it definitely applies for domestic.

You will save so much money doing this. A lot of budget airlines (most commonly in Europe) have ridiculously cheap tickets that seem like a steal, but charge double for check in baggage.

You will also save hours of time not lining up to check in your bag. If you check in online before your flight, you can arrive 20minutes before boarding time and walk right onto the plane!

Invest in a backpack that will have enough space to fit several days of traveling. I recently bought a new one for $75 from Aussie Disposals for this purpose, and it fits several pairs of shoes, toiletries and clothes. This way you can carry it around with you during the day as long as you need without the inconvenience of dragging something around.

Happy flying!

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