Guide to Krabi

Guide to Krabi

How to get there

From Phuket you can take a short cheap bus. From the eastern islands (Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Samui) you can take a ferry and bus combination ticket for about $25.

From Bangkok you can take a short flight for $50, or take a cheaper bus.


You can either stay in Krabi Town, or Ao Nang which is the beach side. I found it quite hard to find a cheap but decent hotel in Ao Nang and stayed 3km walk away from the beach.

View from my room- only 1km from the beach!

View from my room- only 1km from the beach!

What to see and do

To be honest…. not much. I spent one night in Krabi after a Full Moon Party week in Koh Phangan, so went for solitude and recovery, and definitely got it. I didn’t see any backpackers there in Ao Nang, unless I was looking in the wrong spots.

There is a nice strip of beach shops but unfortunately the beach was very average and didn’t have many people lying on it. However there were some nice landscapes with long-tail boats on the shore.


From Krabi you can take several day trips to nearby islands such as Railay and Phi Phi islands which are utter paradise. There is also diving and other water sports available.

How long to stay 

I would recommend skipping Krabi and going straight to other islands to stay, it’s only another 30minutes to get to beautiful Railay beach. These are more backpacker friendly, as Krabi seemed to be suited to the ex pat or retired folk.

One thought on “Guide to Krabi

  1. krabi is a nice place but yes where we stayed the beach wasnt that flash. There were some good seafood restaurants there though.

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