Guide to Bergen

Guide to Bergen

Bergen is known for the town in between 7 mountains and is the second biggest in Norway. It has the perfect blend of city to Norwegian nature and is worth a visit!

Getting there

You can fly to Bergen from pretty much anywhere in Europe directly, and of course from any city in Norway.

From Oslo, you can take the 8hr NSB train for around 600NOK ($110) and maybe cheaper if you book early.

From Stavanger, you can take a 5hr bus with Kystbussen for around 400NOK ($80).

Where to stay

There are plentiful hostels and hotels in Bergen as it is such a popular city. The central is quite large and anywhere you stay won’t leave you inconvenienced. I couch surfed with a local 15mins walk from the city and there was no problems. This was a great way to get some recommendations on what to see that I didn’t find through all my research.

What to do

1. Walk down to the harbour and enjoy all the shops, cafes, bars and people. There are always tall ships to complement the atmosphere and in July there is a festival where they all sail to Bergen from around the world, bringing 500,000 people to town.


2. Discover Bryggen area. This is on the right side of the harbour and has beautiful coloured buildings. Get lost in the cobblestone streets behind it- you can walk around for hours admiring the Norwegian architecture and cute little cafes!

3. Take the gondola up to the top of the mountain from the town centre. It will give you a view of the entire city and the mountains.

4. Take in the city at sunset. There is a beautiful glow over the harbour, and behind you the houses on the mountains.


5. Relax by the lake 5mins from the harbour. You will find a lot of locals hanging out here and it has a gorgeous view of the mountains.


6. Take a hike! As it is the town in between the mountains, take a day trip or two to discover the 7 mountains and the incredible views from them. You can find this information easily from the Tourist Information downtown.

7. Eat seafood! Bergen is an old fishing town and is known for its fresh fish markets and delicious seafood. Trust me, it’s worth paying for a meal out with how good it is!


The harbour is where it’s at! It lights up at night with plenty of cafes turning into bars and clubs- just expect to pay high prices (around 80NOK or $15 for a beer!). To avoid this, drink Norwegian style by sinking a few with friends before heading out.

How long to stay

The city has a lot to see so I would reccommend two days in the city, and add an additional day for every hike or day trip you wish to do.

For more information check out Lonely Planet’s guide by clicking below.

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2 thoughts on “Guide to Bergen

  1. Will be doing this in November. It is a lot cheaper to fly (flights currently for 40 euro) and trains After September are for about 400NOK from Oslo.

    What hike was the best?

  2. Yes I’m sure it’s cheaper in the shoulder seasons! I went in July so that was as pricey as it will get.
    I didn’t do any hikes from Bergen, I did mine in Stavanger. But you can take a short hike up most of the 7 mountains surrounding the city. If you go to the Tourist information centre you can find how to get there and you don’t need to book in advance (you can do it when you arrive). Just allow a day for each hike or so!

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