South of Spain roadtrip

Road trip the south of Spain

The south of Spain is full of picturesque and vastly different cities (both culturally and physically). It is also cheaper than the north of Spain. It is impossible to isolate just one to visit, so spend a few weeks driving from town to town with flexibility and experience them all!

The easiest place to start is Madrid (the capital), as it is central for most flights. From here you can get the train to Cordoba, Seville and a few other towns, but to go further south than this you must drive. Each town is only a few hours from the other. I spent 3-4 days in 8 different towns, however the ones below were the stand out.


This is a medieval style town that is literally inside castle walls.

Walls of Cordoba

Walls of Cordoba

Every street is picturesque, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Cordoba 2010 (114)

Cordoba 2010 (115)

Here is home to the famous Mesquita Cathedral, an old Islamic Mosque that was converted to a Roman Catholic Christian church. The architecture, design and colours are absolutely mind blowing. Being inside looking up at these arches is like looking through a kaleidoscope- it’s amazing!


Mesquita Cathedral


Walls of Mesquita Cathedral


This is one of the largest towns in the south area and has a lot to see. There is a gorgeous tower that you can climb, that reveals at the top a view over the town.


Through the streets you will encounter some of the best buskers Europe has to offer!



There is a tram that runs along the main street, which is filled with cafes, bars and culture. This is the best place in Spain to see a flamenco live dance show; where talented locals dress in beautiful outfits and passionately dance in Spanish style.


This is a small quaint town that is partially on a cliff, and boasts one of my favourite views in Spain, with a great contrast of Spanish houses to cliffs and mountains.


Ronda 2010 (25)

Here is also where you can see the oldest Plaza de Toros de Ronda (the bull fighting ring).


Plaza de Toro de Ronda


This is a magical town where you can visit the Alhumbra palace and fortress, built in 889(!!) and converted to a royal palace in 1333.

Granada 2010 (11)

View from the palace

This is one of the best and biggest sights in all of Spain and you can spend a solid day walking around getting lost in amongst the encapsulating views and remains.

Granada 2010 (75)

Granada 2010 (94)

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