San Fransisco, USA

San Fransisco, USA

This is one of my favourite cities in the world because there are so many things to do, it is easy to get around, it is reasonably priced and is a very liveable city.

Where to stay

Hostels can be scarce here so I would always recommend using Airbnb in the US!–CA–United-States?source=bb

Otherwise, check out TripAdvisor for suggestions.
What’s the #1 hotel in San Francisco? Read reviews & find hotel deals on TripAdvisor!

What to do

There are so many things that make this city memorable. It has a beautiful cosmopolitan CBD filled with glamorous shops and suits. There are old fashioned cable cars you can ride through the city, where a movie like loud and humorous local stands at the front of them as a guide.


There is the most crooked street in the world, Lombard Street, which has featured in many old school car chase scenes.


There is the fisherman’s wharf with countless locals selling their freshest catches and delicassies, including crab and clam sandwiches. This is where all the seafood restaurants are and they all specialise in clam chowder, a thick seafood soup served in a sourdough cob that would warm anyone up in San Fransisco’s cold climate. It is absolutely AMAZING and a must try.

Alcatraz prison

Alcatraz prison

San Fransisco also has the famous prison of Alcatraz, which featured in its own movie Escape from Alcatraz. This is on an island and you can make a day trip out to explore the enchanted and rather chilling prison. There are great tour facilities that give you plentiful historic and interesting information, about the prison that was both so close but so far from reality.

There is also the trendy area of Height-Ashbury, which is an up and coming hippie turned hipster area for young people. The shops and locals here are awesome and it is a very different feel to the city!


For more information, check out Lonely Planet’s guide to the USA by clicking below.

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