Venice: the open air museum of Italy

Venice, Italy

Here is where the saying ‘lost in paradise’ reigns true. This is a city of architectural wonders mapped out by canals, cobblestone allyways and bridges a plenty. It is purely pedestrian and like another world.


The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is spread out over 118 islands. The city has several different areas boasting different themes and you can spend several days getting lost in the maze that is the city and taking in the historic culture.


Take a gondola ride down the canals to fully experience the islands and how the city is mapped out. Despite it being uber touristy and expensive for the average backpacker, it is well worth it. With a gorgeous Italian man on the back of the boat who sings to you traditional italian songs as you glide through the city, you feel pretty heavenly!

For more information check out Lonely Planet’s guide by clicking below.

Italy travel guide by Lonely Planet


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