Guide to Split

Guide to Split, Croatia

Split is a beautiful city- its center is based within old castle walls and it has plenty of culture!

How to get there

Split international airport flies to most of Europe, however not as commonly than to the capital of Croatia Zagreb. It is common to take a (painful) 6 or so hour train from Zagreb to get to Split.

Where to stay

Booze n Snooze was one of the best hostels i have EVER stayed at- EVER!! It is within the castle walls in a great location. It’s cheap, the dorms are clean and staff are amazing. They have Alex a hilareous English guy take everyone whose staying there (usually 15-20) out for dinner each night to a local restaurant, a place so good and busy you usually can’t get a table.


Dinner with Booze n Snooze

This is the best way to make friends as by the end of the meal you’re doing shots together and pals for life. Then he takes you on a bar crawl which lasts until the wee hours of the morning on the beach!

What to do

1. Get lost in the city walls

The cobblestone streets are enchanting to wonder around and get lost in. There are plenty of shops and cafes to keep you occupied!


In the city walls

2. Climb the Bell Tower 

Bell Tower

Bell Tower

For just a few dollars and a few narrow flights of metal stairs, this Bell Tower boasts an amazing view of the old city and the whole coastline. I think I spent over an hour sitting up here staring out!

View from the Bell Tower

View from the Bell Tower

3. Go to the beach!

Split has some beautiful beaches perfect for catching some rays by the harbour.

4. Take a walk down the harbour

The harbour is jampacked with people, cafes and life. Sit and have a drink and people watch all afternoon, and then walk up and down to see some of the coastline.


View from the harbour

5. Go to Krka National Park

90 minutes away this is a day trip easy to organise the day before (most hostels run trips there). It is a huge national park with HUGE waterfalls to swim in.

Krka waterfalls

Krka waterfalls

However it is crowded and not as preserved as I’d hoped. There are a lot of restaurants, shops and people everywhere. Not to mention the crazy strong current in the cold water; most people were clinging on for dear life or flying down the river!



If you stay at Booze n Snooze they will take you on a free pub crawl every night. Even if you don’t stay there you can still go out to the same bars (they are packed and where the travelers are!)

Charlie’s bar is in the city walls, small, cheap and full of awesome people. Order an ‘adios motherfucker’ for 7 Euro and you will receive a 1L jug containing a concoction of spirits. One is all you need during your stay at Charlie’s and you won’t regret (or remember) it.

Me and hostel friends with our adios motherfuckers

Me and hostel friends with our adios motherfuckers

Following this they take you to a huge open club by the water- I’m talking great banging party music and drinks with huge sparklers hanging out of them. This place is the definition of partying on vacation.


After this you will be taken to the Beach Club which has great music and lots of places to sit outside over the water. This makes a beautiful walk back to the hostel at sunrise on the beach.

How long to stay

Split is great for sightseeing and partying so I would stay 3 or 4 nights- allow yourself recovery time during the day!

For more information, check out Lonely Planet’s guide to Croatia by clicking below.

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