Tips for getting over Post Travel Depression

Tips for getting over Post Travel Depression

We’ve all been through this; You’ve just come back from the trip of a lifetime, met incredible people from all over the world, seen beautiful untouched places and crazy hostel nights out with new BFFs. You inevitably have to come home to reality and quickly realise that everything sucks. NOTHING has changed since you’ve been gone, but you certainly have.

It’s very easy to become disinterested in old friends, old drinking holes and routine that no longer stimulates you like those adventure seeking days overseas. That was me a yer ago after returning from 3 months in Europe and South East Asia. However this year after returning home from 9 months in Europe, I came back with a different attitude and haven’t once missed being overseas!

Here are some tips to avoid slipping into a spiral of post travel depression.

Get back in touch with friends ASAP

When you’re overseas it is easy to feel that friends at home have forgotten about you. However this is never the case; they just want you to have a good time while you’re away! Right before you get home, get in touch with all your mates and set up some epic catch ups that get you excited. Don’t wait for them to initiate it as they might be waiting for you to settle back in. You’ll be surprised how many people are excited to have you home!

Find adventure where you live

It is easy to live in a place and take advantage of what’s around you. Get in the car and go for a drive to your favourite beach, hiking spot or camping area. If you’re not convinced there’s much around you, Google places to visit and you’ll be surprised what you will find! Even if it’s just for an afternoon, you’ll feel completely refreshed.


Mt Martha pillars for cliff jumping

If you’re from Melbourne, go down the Mornington Peninsula and visit the hot springs, wineries in Red Hill, or Mt Martha beach for cliff jumping and sunbaking. Otherwise, take a weekend roadtrip down the Great Ocean Road or visit the Grampians. These places are incredible and make you fully appreciate where you live. You would go there if you were overseas so why not at home!


Pinnacle Peak, Grampians


Killara Estate winery, Yarra Valley

Use your newfound travel wisdom to better your life

A lot of the time we are down after travel because we are tired of our boring routine at home. Don’t ignore your experiences overseas; instead of carrying on with an unhappy lifestyle, use what you’ve learnt about yourself and make some changes! Whether it be about your job, health routine or social life. After living in the Netherlands for 6 months riding bikes everywhere, I realised I hated driving in bumper to bumper traffic when I got home. I bought a bike for $60 and now I ride it everywhere. I’m saving money on petrol, keeping active and get to ride through beautiful parks like this to get to work!

My post Netherlands bike!

If you’re fed up with boring weekends, try a new bar or cafe, even if it’s by yourself (we do this overseas, why not at home?). If you don’t like the commute to work everyday, try something new like riding a bike there. This way you will start to feel more like you were when travelling, and less like you are compromising yourself to return to boring reality.

Take advantage of what your city has on

When we’re in another country we’re always looking at what’s on while we’re there whether it be gigs, festivals or new bar nights. Start looking at what’s happening in your city for the month and buy tickets to some events. This will be more interesting than revisiting the same pubs and restaurants every weekend and your friends will be happy to try something new.

St Paddy's day festival in Melbourne

St Paddy’s day festival in Melbourne

Discover future travel opportunities

Even if you’re flat broke after coming home, it doesn’t hurt to have a browse online for next potential trips. It’s good to have a goal to work towards if you’re back at your job and it will give you something to look forward to. Sign up for emails from budget airlines and you will be surprised how cheap their deals can be!

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Pick up old hobbies right away (or start new ones)

When you’re travelling you often leave old hobbies at home. These are a great distraction so get back into them as soon as you can- whether it be football, writing or salsa classes! This will keep you busy and is something positive you can associate with home.

Better yet, if you’ve found a new interest in something while you’re away, don’t forget about it! See if you can pursue it at home and bring some friends along so you have people to relate to.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself! Be grateful for the wonderful experience you had, use it to make your regular life more interesting and look forward to your next holiday!

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