Guide to 1770

Guide to 1770

1770 is a small beach town with an absolutely stunning beach. It is peaceful and the perfect place to spend a few quiet days before heading to Airlie Beach.

How to get there

By car, 1770 is another 2.5 hrs from Bundaberg. If you’re taking the bus this is usually one of the stops between Fraser Island and Airlie Beach.

Where to stay

If you’re camping, there are two camp grounds available. I would recommend 1770 Camp Grounds as it is in a great location, both on the waterfront and near the 1770 Hotel and several pubs. It also has an awesome cheap restaurant in the camp ground with fresh seafood.

Restaurant at the campsite

Restaurant at the campsite

If you’re staying in hostels, I would recommend either Backpackers @ 1770 or Cool Bananas hostel. However, both are further away from the beach.

What to do

1. Walk along the beach

1770 has a stunning stretch of beach full of fascinating plant life and mangroves. This is a great walk to do, especially at sunset.


2. Water sports

On the beach you will see signs advertising all sorts of water sports for rent. Take a kayak out and enjoy the peaceful surrounds!


1770 is pretty quiet, so nightlife may be limited. However, if you’re staying in a hostel this won’t be a problem!

How long to stay

I would stay 2 days in 1770 to relax and recharge.

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