Guide to Fraser Island

Guide to Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the highlights of the East Coast and is the image that most foreigners think of when they envision Australia, along with the Whitsundays. This is the biggest sand island in the world and the amount of wildlife and nature around is unbelievable.

How to get there

The most common way to go to Fraser Island is through a tour leaving either from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. Cool Dingo tour is great to meet other backpackers and covers all the essential places. The tours can range from 6-24 people depending on the season. The drivers are all great fun and are extremely knowledgeable about wildlife, history and all you need to know about Fraser.

4WD bus

4WD bus

If you’re going without a tour and have a 4WD you can buy a barge ticket and cross over to the island.

Where to stay

There are two resorts on different sides of the island; Eurong and Dingos. Eurong Resort was built in the 1960s and had a strange empty feel about it (probably because it was winter). This is where the tours like Kingfisher stay which are catered for families.

Dingos Resort was built in 1990s and is where the Dingo tours stay in winter. There is a pool, hot tub and luxurious lodges as accommodation. In summer, tours camp on the beach.

What to do

1. 4WD driving around the island This is one of the best things to do on Fraser. Make the most of the lack of roads and being able to drive on the beach and explore! Just make sure you have information on the tide times so you don’t get caught in high tide.

If you want a change from the beach, take the rollercoaster inland routes and hold on for your life as you drive through the bush and rainforest! If you’re on a tour in summer you will drive around on 4WD buggies on the beach and throughout the island. In winter you will be in the 4WD bus to cater for the weather changes.

2. Swim in Lake Mackenzie

This is the most famous image of Fraser Island and is pure paradise. With white sand beaches and turquoise water you can spend all day floating in the shallow waters.




3. Climb Indian Head Park your car on the beach, take a short walk up the hill and basque in the outstanding 200 degree view of the Fraser Island coast.



4. Swim in Champagne pools

These are naturally created rock pools connected to the ocean in which you can swim. You can feel the exhilarating wave pool effect of the waves from the ocean as they crash into the pools.




5. Take a rainforest walk

Discover the rainforest in in Pine Valley. They take from 20-45mins and curl around some beautiful scenery, wildlife and nature. There are also some BBQ facilitates here and is a great spot to stop for lunch.

Pine Valley

Pine Valley

6. Go tubing in Eli Creek

This is a great place to float down in a tube in the sun with some drinks. If you’re in a tour they will provide the tubes, otherwise you can still enjoy the swim there.

7. Drink at the pier bar for sunset

Just outside the Dingos Resort on the water is a bar on the pier. This is the best spot to watch the sunset on the beach.


8. Coloured Pinnacles

These are beautiful coloured sand cliffs looking over the beach. Their multi coloured appearance is quite breath taking!


9. Take a scenic filght

For just $75 you can take a 20min scenic flight over the island. This is the cheapest I have seen so far and it gives you a completely different view of Fraser. You glideo over the water and see the whales, as well as inland to see the lakes, sand barges and forests that you won’t see by foot.

Fraser from a plane

Fraser from a plane


There are a few bars on the island but most are within the resorts. Dingos bar is open every night and most nights it gets pretty crazy with cheap happy hour deals.

How long to stay

There is so much to explore on Fraser island, if you’re not doing a tour (which are usually 2-3 days) I would recommend spending 5 days there.

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