Guide to Voss: Norway’s adventure sports capital

Guide to Voss: Norway’s adventure sports capital

Norway is known for its beautiful fjords, mountain landscapes and long hikes. Voss is a town and is surrounded by that, but is full of fast adventure sports. Each yerar in June they host an ‘Extreme sports week’ where people from all all over the world come to show their talents and indulge in many adrenaline rushes.

Getting there

From Bergen, you can take a 1hr train with NSB for around 180NOK ($35).

From Oslo, you can take a 7hr NSB train also.

Where to stay

Voss has a massive tourist industry due to its many adventure sports, so there are many options despite it being a town with only 14,000 people.

I stayed with a local couple who lived literally in between the mountains in the valley (most houses will have this incredible view).


What to do

Advenure sports! This is where you can put down your hiking poles and do something with a litle more speed!

1. White water rafting. This is awesome!! It’s one of the best things to do here as there are two great rivers you can go on which have full speed. Go with Voss Rafting Senter which is 1km or so from town and you can do a 4hr rafting trip at either 10am or 3pm. It costs around 900NOK ($150) if you don’t get the lunch afterwards. The guides are super experienced and explain everything to you really well so if you’re a beginner it’s no dramas. Fly down the rivers and hold on as you jump over the drops!


White water rafting at Voss


2. Kayaking. This is  something all the locals do every chance they get. You can rent one with someone else for a few hours, take a day tour or even for a few days down the fjord. Kayaking is huge in Voss as you will see most cars driving around with them on the racks!

Kayaking at Voss

Kayaking at Voss


3. Paragliding. This  is absolutely spectacular, as you glide over the Voss lake and all the mountains surrounding, taking in a full 360 degree view of the valley. It is an awesome adrenaline rush when you first take off, but afterwards is this beautiful meditative experience that feels like you’re inside a postcard. Go with Marcio Franco, a Brazilian kayaker and paragliding guide. You can get in contact with him through Voss Rafting Senter as I did and he was an incredible guide.

Paragliding at Voss

Paragliding at Voss


Spot me in the parachute!

Spot me in the parachute! 

4. High ropes course. You can go to an adventure park called ‘Voss Klatrepark’ which has a huge array of high ropes courses, zip lines and adrenaline experiences.

5. Voss Vind. This is a gravity defying place where you go into a glass room and literally fly, with a huge fan force keeping you up in the air, as if you’re flying or skydiving. This is a one of a kind experience!





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