Guide to Oslo

Guide to Oslo

Oslo being the capital of Norway is a common transit city, however it deserves a stop for a day or two to discover the city!

Getting there

You can fly directly to Oslo from most European cities, and of course from all Norwegian cities. From the airport, take the Airport train into Oslo Sentral station.

However when you’re returning to the airport from Oslo, take a local train that stops via the airport for cheaper (90NOK). The Eidsvoll line goes every 0minutes and stops at the airport.

From Bergen, you can take an 8hr train for around 600NOK and cheaper if you book in advance).

From Stavanger, you can take an 8hr train and can try to get a minipris ticket (discounted fare they offer in advance) at 249NOK.

Where to stay

There are a few hostels but they are all super expensive and only a few are in the city for $70+. So I couchsurfed in an area called Toyen which was just 15min stroll to the city centre and 2min on the subway.

What to do

1. Walk down the main street Karl Johans gate and indulge in the buzzing shops, cafes and people.

2. Walk through the sculpture park. It may sound boring, but trust me it isn’t- all the sculptres are of naked people! There is a large bridge leading from one end of the park to the other filled with naked sculptures on either side.

There is one in particular that the locals love: a small boy looking like he’s throwing a tantrum. Often you will find this vandalised in some small funny way by locals and it’s hilareous.

Further on is a huge fountain with flowers, and behind which is a huge tall statue that you cannot miss. It is a penis shape made out of countless people intertwined all the way up to the top. It is seriouosly strange but awesome.























3. Check out the area Grunerlokka. This is the trendy young part of town which you can walk the streets and see all their quirky cafes and random shops. This reminded me of Melbourne entirely- hipsters eat your heart out.

4. Enjoy the botanical gardens. This is east of the city and where tons of locals go to hang out and sunbake in the summer. It is huge, colourful and beautiful.

5. Visit many museums. There are a ton of museums to visit in Oslo: History, dinosaur, Munch (the painter) and more. I find museums utterly boring and a waste of money, but for those who enjoy them you can spend a few day looking at them all.

How long to stay

I would recommend just staying for a full day or two, in which you could probably walk around and see the main sights.

For more information check out Lonely Planet’s guide by clicking below.

Norway travel guide by Lonely Planet Scandinavia travel guide by Lonely Planet

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